Saturday, 4 September 2010

Karachi Port at Night

The illumination in the distant is Karachi Port at Night, where ships are docked and loading and unloading of containers go on round the clock. This is a view from Karachi Club.


  1. Wish i can visit this place before leaving karachi forever :(

  2. Yes sir, after my exams are over, we will be shifting from karachi to lahore.We have started construction of our new home in Lahore Mashaallah.
    Reason is this that my dad's work has been shifted to lahore, so we have to leave as well.

    Plus after we have lost much in karachi but Allah saved our lives Thanks to Allah, my mother is simply extra sensitive now :S

    I'll miss karachi :(

  3. Amazing..
    sir,could you post a picture of the port in daylight,if possible..?
    Cause it's looks more magical then and even more if the picture is taken from the bridge.

    @ReeBz,surprised 2 hear that u never visited this place..!
    My father is an exporter,so I get to see this quite frequently..!

  4. Muhammad Hamza:
    Dun be amazed, ofcourse my father isnot an exporter like yours :D so no chance for me to visit it :P

  5. Oh, this looks beautiful. :)
    I never noticed its allure until today.