Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ramazan Cricket

Karachi is experiencing religious fervor in the holy month of Ramazan and on the same time it is also experiencing the festivities like the regular Ramazan Cricket. Karachi is the place where genesis of T20 Cricket took place many many years ago in the holy month of Ramazan when the idea of a brisk version of cricket germinated in the minds of cricket lovers of this city. Since then Karachi regularly holds T20 matches. Some matches start around 4 pm and end well before Iftar time. There is also a super league where matches take place after Taraveeh prayers and end at midnight. The above is a match in operation on 6th Ramazan 17th August 2010 at AKU cricket ground between PPL and NJC. PPL cricket team is batting and needs 18 runs to win in last two over and the match is promising an exciting finish but see how a crow sitting on the fence seems totally disinterested of proceedings!


  1. GOR (my neighborhood) is also a breeding ground and a booming place for a handful of furious and ruthless young cricketers. their motto is: Har maqam say oncha hai maqam tera. they're looking for a suitable tagline or one-liner vision statement to express their deepest representive of GOR's sports complex:


    A) Hansta Khelta Punjab

    B) Aa Bail Mujhay Mar

    C) Dam hai tou Gali mein aa

    D) Ammi say poch k bataon ga.

    Umer Toor
    Strategy Officer
    GOR Sports Complex

  2. Cool picture..I never knew that they are proper matches held in Aga khan's rehabilitation's cricket ground..

  3. Umer all options seems very fitting!

    Zehra, the AKU sports and rehabilition center's cricket ground holds quite number of proper matches. I often enjoy them while walking!