Sunday, 10 October 2010

Caged Birds

This is hustling and bustling 'BIRDS BAZAR' near Empress Market. One can find every known bird caged here. It is so much crowed with visitors that one have to wrestle through to reach near the caged birds who look so helplessly at each visitor and seems saying:
"Azad muj ko kerdey O qaid kernay walay"

Few years back when I visited this place I purchased a cage full of about fifty small colorful birds and asked the vendor to free them, he opened the cage door to free the beautiful small birds. They instantly started fleeing and on seeing them flying out I had a great sense of satisfaction, but in the next moment I was totally devastated when I looked up, as hundreds of kites were diving, snatching and devouring the small birds…


  1. umm..
    I have also felt the temptation of spending all my cash on freeing the poor creatures,and I did free them too one or two times but then someone told me that these birds are caught again in the same day and and the circle goes on and on.
    But still,the satisfaction when seeing the birds flee from the cage is infinite.
    Nice post.

  2. Zehra like you I also never ventured freeing them again like that, although one gets extreme satisfaction on seeing them flying freely.

  3. I well agree with the thought that it is quite satisfying to see the birds flying out of the cage. It is as if we too have let ourselves free from some kind of a cage/bondage symbolically. But i felt sad on knowing what happened to those birds in the end. It must have been heartbreaking sight.

  4. Sh@s freeing birds was such a liberating experience but than the result was quite sad but than we cannot control the results?

  5. That's so sad...such short-lived freedom. Even I have been tempted to buy these cages and free them all...but somehow never do...