Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Rising Tide

The above is a beautiful view of Mohatta Palace Museum on Sunday 19 December 2010. I went to this impressive place to see an outstanding art exhibition by 40 new and established artists. The exhibition has been named THE RISING TIDE : new directions in art from Pakistan 1990-2010.

It is being exhibited under 11 interesting titles:
1-Cartographies of Intimacy
2-The Urban Transitions
3-Language of Belonging
4-Ghosts in Turret
5-Mauj Media Collective
6-Desperately Seeking Paradise
7-World Plane
8-Between the Real and the Fabricated
9-If you are everywhere
10-City, Citizen and Space
11-Imagined Works Envisioning Spaces.

The exhibition will remain on display till 1st March 2011, it is a worth watching show.


  1. I wish I get the time to visit the exhibition.
    BTY,the building itself,is an exhibition of art.
    I have visited it several times and always thought the same thing that Miss Fatima would be such a lucky person to have two wonderful things in her life.First a brother second this place to live..:)

  2. Hamza you are so right about the privilege that Fatima Jinnah had in the brother like Quaid and a place to live like this :)

  3. hmm...Dar Sahib...unfortunately..although I live in same city but never get a chance to visit this place...will find time soon to visit it...

    Thanks for such nice post.

  4. Thinking, you must see this and also try to visit other art galleries