Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dancing Chefs

Expo Center Karachi is exhibiting a gorgeous annual event ALL ABOUT LIFESTYLE. This exhibition started today and will go on for 3 days ( 7th to 9th November). Above is a picture of chefs in live action where they were singing, dancing and preparing delicious biscuits and cookies! Wow! It was just a thrilling sight.


  1. woww it must be awesome.Life style exhibition is always full of so many surprises and thrill.This stall must be some chill pill type among all the stalls.Actually it reminded me all the ad of Bakeri biscuit in which chefs dance and sing while baking their supreme item!

    I wish our car hasnot been burnt by the terrorsists :( It was the only way which served us as a faithful servant and provided us every sort of entertainment :(!
    Miss HeR!! :(

  2. The exhibition is excellent and people are loving and enjoying it. Food courts aroma is mouth watering and every known variety is available.
    I am sorry to know about your car. I pray and wish that you would soon be compensated with a better replacement by Allah the Beneficent and Merciful.

  3. It must have been great!
    I watched it on tv.

  4. I also saw the ad only.
    It was good and quite made me grab by cookie jar and munch some..:)