Friday, 2 April 2010

Walking with Moon

The full moon overlooking at AKU(Aga Khan University) jogging track, what a wonderful experience of walking along-with full moon, a sense of extreme well being of body and soul emerging simultaneously.


  1. hmm..Dar Sahib...when I was a littel girl whenever took a walk with my parents or siblings I always used to wonder that may be MOON is walking with me...sometimes....I got scared because it seem that it is chasing me....

    So your post have provoked that childish scare about MOON following

    Thank you so much.

  2. Thinking, please walk alongwith Moon as a companion and it would not be scary but pleasant.

  3. I agree with sir, its pleasant and beautiful!

  4. Yes Reebz its a wonderfully pleasant and beautiful experience.

  5. @Aktar..I also used to believe that moon's following me..I still enjoy it when it follows our car..:)
    & The scenario around the aga khan university & hostels is one great place to see the nature closely in Karachi.