Monday, 26 April 2010

Blossoming Nurseries

These days in early summer, nurseries in Karachi are Blooming and flourishing with summer plantation, onec in a while visiting them and buying a plant is such a joyful and exciting endeavor. The picture shows of one such nursery located at Karsaz near Maritime Museum.


  1. awesome beauty. No doubt, it refresh your mind and once again you are ready for your tiresome routine works in hot burning summer under the scorching rays of sun.

    i loved to have a morning long drive in car with all ma family and then a small visit to a nursery. we would buy a pot or two in every 15 days or a month.. but then, everything was snatched from us..! our car was burned by terrorists.. :(

  2. This is my favorite's spring when flowers bloom including me,(I bloomed in april 1992..:P)
    Anyways.I do love Gardening and currently em trying to grow Black roses in my back yard.I know it's rather difficult but i'll try at least.
    Nice picture Akther..!
    It made my eyes feel refreshed..!

  3. hmm...reading your post...though came into mind that after all the desires and aims and goals we are running after...these beauty...little ones...can change the whole mood of the environment....

    why than we all engaged ourselves so much in worldly desires...when happiness may easily be achieved by looking at these flowers??

    hmm...very nicely and refreshing post...Dar Sahib !

  4. yes ReeBz, Patriotic-Hamza and Thinking, nature provides us exquisite and sublime scenes that fills our lives with joy, fulfillment and extreme pleasure.

  5. MashaAllah! I have 3 words: I am speechless..