Sunday, 27 February 2011

Colors, Flowers and Smiles

A Flower Show is in exhibition till tomorrow at Beach View Park organized by Karachi Horticulture Society, and what a joyful experience it is, seeing Beautiful flowers, plants, garden accessories amid the most robust audience, who seems really cheered up in the most beautiful environment. A tour of the exhibition is sort of a fantasy trip where nature and human craftsmanship are amalgamated to produce the most pleasing sights that one can witness.


  1. Yes,I also enjoyed from the Stupendous display of nature there.
    It was too beautiful to be put in words.

    BTY,sir I missed your presence at the Mobilink Blogger meet-up.

  2. Hamza I missed that event,how was that? and whom did you meet from your friends.

  3. Flowers are very soothing for the sight.

  4. Talha, flowers have such a soothing effect that they create positivity and cheerfulness.

  5. yes Asma it was great fun and lot more :)

  6. @sir Akther,
    Well there were NO people of my age there but I met two grownups ,who are followers of my blog there.
    One of them is a banker and the other one was the editor of tech in Dawn.

    There were a dozen other notable personalities too.It was a very interesting and fruitful event.
    I have given a bit of it on my blog at

  7. i lack expression for the breath-catching captivating beauty of such sceneries and especially landscape... but inside it seems to mirror heaven...