Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Road Side Book Stalls

This is one of the many road side book stall of Karachi, where daily hundreds of people read newspapers headlines for free. This bookstall besides newspaper caters to popular magazines and also popular literature. This is the stall from where during my school days I used to get my, The Cricketer, Sportstimes, Nigar weekly(film magazine), Subrung Digest and Ibne Safi’s Imran Series.


  1. we dont get to have street side book stalls in manila. only newspapers are sold streetside. this is a beautiful scene.

  2. Thanks maki for visiting and sharing, we love these street stalls.

  3. Yeah,and one could usually find one near a bus stop.Moreover this is the perfect place for men's gossip...:p

  4. hmm...Dar Sahib....

    To my surprised this is the same bookstall where I bought all the series of Ibn-e-Safi books...

    Poor guy used to shrink to the corner when he saw me coming towards him knowing exactly that I will shower inquiries...


    I am resolute now that if you used to visit the same stall we must have encountered so many times...may be you have heared a quivering girl asking for such such books and why not the saleman received them if she ordered him so many days ago...

    But anyways...I tried to find someone of your figure in my memories but alas... shows how blind I used to be and how much I have lost...

    I will be more carefull of my appearences now when ever go to the book stall again...who knows..may be...someday...hmm...

  5. Hamza,
    You have just said it perfectly, about men gossiping around these stalls, and if somebody could record and listen to that, they would be amazed to find solution to all problems that the world is faced with.

    Amazing, and that could be the reason that law of implicate and explicate brought us together at the magnificent RR site, where now we are sharing our dreams and all that which is past, present and future.

  6. nice things about karachi u see sir :-))wud u like to see karachi from my eyes too sir ??

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  8. I love Pakistan for making reading materials, be it, the local tabloids or the National Geographic magazine (so what if it's last month, or last year's issue), so accessible... I live in KSA and everything costs an arm and a leg!
    *sIgh* i wish ppl realized this and devoured up all that infirmation!